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Go Paperless With Free E-Ticketing During COVID-19 Pandemic

DOT Piloted and Compliant E-Ticketing solution eliminating in-person paper ticket handling for dump truck hauling operations

Our top priority is keeping the heavy construction industry safe. 


TruckIT's AirTicketTM technology provides a contactless digital ticketing system for instant work verification and ticket reconciliation, all while aligning with today's social distancing guidelines.




Maintain Safe and Efficient Hauling Operations While Keeping Essential Projects on Schedule 

  • AirTicketTM technology quickly integrates with material handling systems, such as APEX, with zero hardwiring required
  • Contractors, DOTs, and Material Producers can deliver/receive fully automated digital tickets in real-time
  • Eliminates in-person contact and paper ticket handoffs for all personnel involved at the scale house, landfill, plant and project site.
  • Allows dump truck drivers to remain safely in their vehicles
  • Instant access to digital ticket data for those working remotely to streamline backoffice processes 

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AirTicket Technology provides a contactless digital ticketing system